Premium Sponsors

  • Pratt & Whitney

    Pratt & Whitney

    With 85 years of experience, Pratt & Whitney is one of the leading manufacturers of gas turbines. The company has been a pioneer in engine development and is still improving its technologies for the future. Their financial support was one of the driving engines for the future of our society. (visit website)

  • TU Delft

    TU Delft

    It is an honour to say that Delft University of Technology lies at the base of Lambach Aircraft. TU Delft provides the society with a place and many useful facilities to let motivated students gain experience in designing, building and maintaining aircraft. (visit website)

  • Eriks


    Thanks to the experience of Eriks in mechanical components and safety material, the safety of Lambach Aircraft’s workplaces has increased even more. From overalls to signalization tape, everything was included in Erik’s sponsoring. This has motivated students extremely to get actual hands-on experience. (visit website)

Contributing Sponsors

  • Leidsche Luchtvaart Club

    The Leidsche Luchtvaart Club is a club specialized in UAVs that is willing to support us by giving us valuable advice from combined hundreds of hours of experience with UAVs. The club also allows us invaluable access to Valkenburg airbase. (visit website)

  • StuD


    Stud is a student-run society annually sponsoring various student projects of the TU Delft. In the academic year (2014-2015) Lambach Aircraft received its first sponsorship and hopes to stay in touch with this challenging agency. (visit website)

  • Universiteitsfonds Delft

    Universiteitsfonds Delft

    The Delft University of Technology Foundation motivates and sponsors enthusiastic students in their innovative projects. Next to fundraising, it also organizes interesting guest lectures and awards prizes for excellence. (visit website)

  • Eding CNC B.V.

    Eding CNC B.V.

    Eding CNC B.V. is specialized in PC based CNC control systems. The company supported Lambach Aircraft with a control system for the self-built CNC cutting machine, used for producing detailed aircraft parts. (visit website)

  • Elcee


    Elcee is active in delivering products for various industries, from construction to hospitality. The company has helped Lambach Aircraft in finding the right materials to optimize the performance of our home-built CNC cutting machine. (visit website)

  • Hagro precisie bv

    Hagro Precisie B.V.

    Hagro delivers specialized tools to make production processes more efficient. It sponsored Lambach Aircraft with high-quality milling and drilling bits for several materials, including composites. (visit website)

  • Quinex builds responsive websites & webshops


    Quinex is specialized in creating responsive websites & webshops for businesses all over the world. Every website or shop is a custom build and looks great on every device. Quinex sponsored Lambach Aircraft by designing, building and maintaining our fantastic new website. (visit website)


  • Aeronamic
  • aviocom
  • deskproto
  • elmorietschle
  • evonik
  • insumma
  • masterfix
  • sabca
  • stanley

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