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We Are Recruiting!

We are looking for new members to join us for the new year! We will be hosting an interest event for anyone who may be interested to join:

Interest Event
Friday September 22nd
18:00-19:00 Presentation
19:00-21:00 Food and drinks
Location: Lecture hall B at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Please sign up here for the interest event.

If you would like to apply for membership, please fill in the application form.

About Us

Lambach Aircraft is a student team active at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Through the development of autonomous and remote-controlled model aircraft, we put into practice the theory we learn in our studies.

Our main focus concerns fixed wing model aircraft, and currently we are working on several different projects, see below for more information.

Founded in 1990, our society has a long history staring with the manufacturing of a flying full-scale replica of the Lambach HLII aircraft. Later in the 2010s the society shifted to the development of remote control aircraft, however the purpose of Lambach Aircraft has always remained the same: to give our members practical engineering experience.

Our Projects

1. VFS Design-Build-Vertical Flight Competition

For this competition we have been designing and building a racing VTOL aircraft. Though we have withdrawn from the competition, we will still complete our prototype and flight-test it. More information >>

2. VFS Student Design Competition

Though somewhat outside of our historical area of focus, we are competing in the theoretical Student Design Competition hosted again by the Vertical Flying Society. It involves the preliminary design of a military high-speed VTOL aircraft. More information >>

3. Project ATTIS

Currently in its second year, Project ATTIS aims to design a partially 3D printed surveillance UAV aircraft. The idea originates from the vast nature reserves in Zimbabwe, where currently small manned aircraft are used for routine surveillance – if a drone could be used instead, it would not only lower the cost but enable more frequent inspections. More information >>

4. Introduction to RC UAV Aircraft Projects

After Lambach hosted an Introductionary theoretical course on RC UAV manufacturing, multiple groups were formed by the participants, now each working on their own RC aircraft projects. More information >>

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