What is Lambach Aircraft?

Lambach Aircraft is an aeronautical society run by students, located at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology. The main goal is to give students valuable engineering experience through challenging projects. The society believes that the engineers of tomorrow are not just individual calculators with only theoretical knowledge, but that they should be able to solve problems as a member of an international team.


Experience with the practical aspects of aircraft design and production is key in the aerospace industry. That is why Lambach Aircraft wants to familiarise its team members with not only the design process but also with the test and production of an aircraft. This is done by introducing modern materials such as composites, and by using computer-based production with a new CNC machine and a 3D printer.

Contact & Networking

Another way to achieve the main goal is by direct contact with the aerospace industry itself, which is considered of large importance. External experts often assist Lambach Aircraft when it comes to the design, production and maintenance of the aircraft. The contacts themselves are obtained and maintained by visiting air shows, industry fairs and conferences.

Better engineers

Lambach Aircraft aims to make its members better engineers. First of all, the team members make numerous contacts in the field of general aviation during their time with us. They are also able to convert their theoretical knowledge from the lectures into useful practical skills, much appreciated in their future careers. Finally, by becoming part of an international engineering team, members improve their communication, teamwork, and management skills.


The foundation is financially dependent on sponsorship and donations by companies and donations by private individuals. All donations and sponsorship directly benefit the main goals of the foundation.