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Interested in getting hands-on-experience while honing your aircraft designing skills? Join Lambach Aircraft, a student society located on the TU Delft Aerospace campus dedicated to design and construction of UAVs. We offer a chance for students to get full design cycle experience during their studies and expand upon what they learn. Throughout the year we run a variety of different projects, so whatever your interest is you can be sure to find a project to your liking. We encourage students of all faculties to apply.

You can either directly join a main team such as Project ATTIS, BMFA or the Research Group, which recruit new members all year round. Alternatively, you can join at the start of each academic year through our Intro to RC UAV program, which is recommended if you have no prior experience. You can apply to both using the following form.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Intro to RC UAV

Each year our society offers a chance to first year students the chance to apply what they learn in class to a real world example. Through a series of lectures offered by our experienced members and training on our own equipment you will design and construct a small scale UAV to compete with your fellow students. Recruitment begins at the start of each academic year. This year we plan to run a competition involving 5 teams in an endurance and controllability design competition.


Design Teams

Lambach Aircraft has several teams in any given year designing, constructing, and testing small scale unmanned aerial vehicles. These team fallĀ  into three categories, those being competition teams, research Teams and focused designs teams. Competition teams are a category of any team engaged in aircraft design, theoretical or building competitions. Lambach Aircraft will often participate in at least one competition of these categories each year. Research teams are any team engaged in doing research and development into new design types or new subsystems. Examples include morphing wings, autopilot, and other difficult concepts. They also help develop Lambach’s further understanding of UAV systems. Lastly focused design teams are any teams designing and constructing aircraft to fit certain goals and problems. These teams focus on solving a problem through that usage of UAV systems. Information about each teams within these categories is presented on our current projects page and will change year to year.