BMFA Payload Challenge 2022

Past Projects

In 2021-22, Lambach was focused on competing in the Payload Challenge, hosted by the British Model Flying Association. Numerous Teams- from all around the world- partake in this exciting challenge.

The annual payload challenge consists of designing, building, and flying a UAV able to carry a heavy payload. The winning team would be the one able to carry the highest amount of payload weight compared to the weight of the UAV, for a given propulsion system.

A conventional, single-boom aircraft was built to carry a maximum [water] payload of 4kg.


For the quantity challenge, the score is based on the following (main) criteria:

  • Flight Rounds with: an empty weight, 2kg payload and 4kg payload
  • Minimum structural weight
  • Design Innovation
  • Technical Report/Presentation

The final aircraft design has a span of 2.1m and a length of 1.3m. The OEW (operating empty weight) of the aircraft is 1.630kg. It was decided that the aircraft should be called Fiona because of her green surface and her elegance.

The aircraft was completed and tested in May of 2022. Thanks to LLC (Leidsche luchtvaart club) we were able to test our aircraft with 0kg and 2kg of payload, due to the weather we were not able to test the 4kg payload.

From the 13th to the 15th of June, the team was in the UK participating in the BMFA competition. The aircraft managed to fly all three flights with a payload to up to 4kg. It performed better than expected. Lambach aircraft managed to finish 4th out of the 16 teams that participated, after the teams of the University of Hong Kong and the University of Manchester.

Getting ready to present the design to the judges of the BMFA.
Fiona waiting in line to make her flight with 4kg of payload.
A beautiful take-off with a steep climb to get to altitude.