BMFA Payload Competition 2023-2024

Active Teams

Designing an aircraft for BMFA Payload Challenge is the flagship project of Lambach Aircraft in the 2023-2024 academic year. We have assembled a strong team of 8, consisting of motivated bachelor and master Aerospace Engineering students. Furthermore, most of the members had past experience designing and flying UAVs. We are confident in our ability to improve past year’s result when Lambach Aircraft came 4th out of 20 international teams.

The Competition

BMFA Payload Challenge is an annual competition organized by the British Model Flying Association and conducted in the association’s National Centre near Grantham in Lincolnshire on 12th – 13th of June. Teams from different universities all around the world assemble to take part in the competition. That includes students from prestigious universities like Technical University of Munich, Beihang University, Hebei University of Science and Technology and many more. Teams are required to built and fly a load-carrying model aircraft with a payload of 4 kg of water. The competitors are judged based on flight performance, technical drawings, report and presentation. The main challenge is to design an aircraft with a lowest possible structural weight.

Status of the Project

After thorough analysis and discussion of the competition content, several draft designs, including the flying-wing, tandem, canard, and conventional configurations, were identified. By leveraging the advantages of these drafts, a super high load-weight ratio design was proposed. This design incorporates a novel high-lift four-lifting-surface canard aerodynamic configuration. For 2 months our team worked tirelessly on the aircraft and payload bay aerodynamic design, as well as the detailed structure design. More than 100 hours of CFD analysis mainly using ANSYS have already been conducted to insure best possible performance.

After aerodynamic and structural design was completed the manufacturing of the first prototype has commenced. To insurance rapid iteration process the prototype was mostly made from high density foam and carbon fiber.  As of today the prototype has been completed and the flight testing phase has began.

Current Plans

With the first iteration of the design completed the team now proceeds to active flight testing phase. After the performance of the aircraft has been validated the work on the final competition design will commence.