This year, we are going to participate in the Quantity Challenge, hosted by the British Model Flying Association.

The challenge consists in flying a custom designed UAV, able to carry as payload a number of polystyrene spheres of 150 mm diameter each.


The competition will take place sometime in June 2021, the score will be awarded from the following 4 aspects.

  • Flight of the UAV without payload
  • Flight of the UAV with payload
  • Presentation the design
  • Evaluation of design drawings and specifications through a report

Project Planning

The team will start the design of the UAV in November 2020. After 3 months of design, we will start production in February 2021, and move on to the testing phase in May 2021.

Check out our entry for a similar competition on the Spirit of Delft page!

Want to join?

Send us an email at!