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Lambach Aircraft Interest Drink

Lambach Aircraft is having an interest drink for people with a passion for Aircraft Design, Engineering and Manufacturing! There you can sign up to join our UAV project, where you get to design, build and fly UAVs ready to compete in competions abroad. If you think you can take on the challenge, join us! The […]

RC Aircraft Workshop with EuroAvia

On the 10th of June, Lambach Aircraft and EuroAvia Delft will organise an RC Aircraft workshop. Here is a little “teaser”… Did the first year flying wing project leave you a bit disappointed? Do you want to apply your freshly learned design skills to something (slightly) bigger? Well, this is your chance! Euroavia Delft and […]

Composite practical

Tuesday 07/03/’17 Lambach aircraft organised a composite practical together with the people from DASML. We made our own coupons, cut the pre-pregs and glass fibres to the appropriate dimensions and prepared the vacuum bags for the vacuum infusion process. After this the composite specimens needed to cure in the autoclave for 24 hours. We would […]

Lambach Aircraft receives its new recruits!

On September the 29th, Lambach Aircraft welcomed a new batch of first year students who took interest in our current and future project. During this event, they were introduced to the updated first year UAV project and its courses. They were also introduced to Lambach’s future plans of taking in part of the ‘Design, Build, […]

Annual Introductory Presentation on the 29th of September 2016

  The members of Lambach Aircraft would like to invite you to our upcoming introductory presentation on the 29th of September in lecture room G. At the event, you will get the opportunity to learn about the future of our organization and join in on the first-year based UAV project.

Lambach Aircraft Lathing and Milling course.

Last week, several Lambach Aircraft members participated in a lathing and milling course at the 3ME faculty. By taking this course, the members are now capable of machining their own components for present and future projects. The course also provided the members with a practical insight into the manufacturing process which the members will be […]

New Lambach Aircraft board installed.

On the 1st of October 2015, the new official board was installed.  This board consists of Rick Boerma as the (temporary) chairman, Ricardo van der Pluijm as the project manager of the S-vision project, Taylor Beall as the project manager of the Lambach HLII project, Huy Tran as the secretary, and Thijs van der Gaag […]

Lambach Aircraft Registration

10th of September, thanks to all of you who attended our presentation! We hope that you found it worthwhile and that you’ll consider joining our ambitious projects. If you haven’t yet registered yourselves you should be capable of doing so through the link below: Click here to register.

Introductory presentation to our society!

On the 10th of September at 18:00, we here at Lambach Aircraft will be hosting a presentation in College Room ‘J’ at the Aerospace Engineering faculty of TU Delft. We will be talking about the visionary S-vision, the historic Lambach HLII, and the first year UAV project. We’ll also have a Q&A in case you […]

Hagro Precisie B.V equipment donation.

Good news! On the 11th of August, Hagro Precisie B.V donated 6 sets of mills. These sets include 3 different radius mills and 3 different aluminum shaft mills that are to be used for creating new and precisely crafted components with the CNC machine located in our workshop. We at Lambach Aircraft are grateful for the […]