Lambach Aircraft Coporation

Please note that this page is a work of fiction.
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Company History

The Lambach Aircraft Coporation grew from Lambach Aircraft, a student association at TU Delft founded in 1995 to build a replica of the HLII biplane. Following the design of the Impuls and S-Vision aircraft, the society turned its attention to UAV design, where it found great success. It was, however, only with the invention of Smockit, a rocket-powered glider, in 2034 that the society began to gain increased commercial value, and broke away from the university as a private entity the following year.

The new company’s first commercial product was the rocket-powered hovercraft, Windig, but its low operational ceiling left investors disappointed. Following NASA president Sil Stolk’s public criticisism of Lambach, particularly for their use of “unsafety factors” for their engine casings, the coporation returned to what they always did best, turning and burning. The coporation worked hard to distance itself from rocket-powered vehicles, with a new line of top-end supersonic business jets and freighters. They also stuck various combustion engines on bicycles for a bit, but that’s a story for another time.

Current Standing

The company now has good working relationships with ESA and the NLR, although it remains in fierce competition with Airbus for the European market. Despite its occasionally turbulent past, the company is financially stable and well placed to fund ambitious projects. CEO Kelly Peters said on the company’s 30th anniversary, “It’s not only the thought that counts, it’s the doing”.