As engineers, we always talk in technical terms. So, there you go: our mission statement for this year.

Provide the members of the society with practical experience in the design, manufacturing and operations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, giving them a chance to implement the knowledge acquired during their studies, to explore their ideas and have fun in the mid time.

Why UAVs you might ask? UAVs allow rapid designing and prototyping, as well as being the perfect playground to experiment with new and interesting technologies. Working on a UAV, your ideas can be implemented without having to go through certification!

Lambach Aircraft society provides its members with the means to bring their ideas to life, by exploring their feasibility with calculations,  producing CAD models and prototyping, using the equipment of our workshop, such as or CNC machine and our 3D-printer, and have them flying in just a few hours!

But our projects are also about getting to know the engineering process. Requirements and performance assessment are daily part of our work. Our members learn to consider important trade-offs, to maximise performance and minimise manufacturing costs and effort.

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