The year is 2044 and the Lambach Aircraft Corporation needs you to help them design a revolutionary new aircraft. A hypersonic business jet, a space-faring airliner, something to do with glare?? You’ll only find out exactly what the challenge is when the competition starts, but keep an eye out for hints around the aerospace faculty…

TrailBlazer is the (soon to be) annual competition of Lambach Aircraft, this year taking place on the 23rd-24th March 2024. The weekend begins at 9am on Saturday 23rd with opening presentations, followed by a kickoff at 10am. This is a 24 hour design competition, putting your engineering skills to the ultimate test. The event will take place on campus at the Echo building, excepting when the building is closed overnight. The final rooms and timings will be sent by email to team leaders no later than a week before the competition. This event is open to any faculty, and we do highly recommend having members of other faculties in your team (of up to 6 people).

The event will be judged by a panel of aerospace PhD students, with diverse experience in developing cutting edge aviation technology and aircraft design concepts. Teams compete to win a drone!

You can sign up here until 10th March.