20151216_183459The project

Every academic year, Lambach Aircraft organizes a freshman UAV project. For this challenge, first-year students will compete to build and design an optimized 1-meter wing for a UAV Fuselage. Furthermore, the students shall of course also be guided throughout the project by a provided tutor whom will provide their teams with tasks, essential UAV and aircraft design theory, and all the necessary building equipment. The students will also receive useful lectures on LaTex, Catia, Lathing, and other useful skills.

20151202_203559Project Schedule

This project should last a semester and is split up into the following phases;

  • Learning Phase – Students will receive different lectures (in LaTex, Catia, etc.)  and workshops (Lathing, Milling, etc.).
  • Designing Phase – Students will utilize the knowledge that they have gained during the learning phase to develop a design report for their UAV wing.
  • Manufacturing Phase – Once a wing design has been developed, the students will build their design in the society’s workshop.
  • Action Phase – The manufactured wing will then be attached to a UAV fuselage which students will get to operate.


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